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The US Dept. of Energy has estimated costs for opening and maintaining the Yucca Mountain Repository (for its life span of 150 years), at $96.2 Billion. The estimate also does not include the handling of wastes from the planned 34 reactors nor does it include waste cost from current operating reactors.

Burning coal removes mountain tops, contaminates air and water, and is the largest contributor to global warming.

Local utility providers are offering rebates for solar water heaters, photovoltaics, and daylighting. Progress Energy Home Energy Improvement Program is currently offering rebates for duct repair (up to $150), attic insulation upgrade ($75 or more), heat pump replacement (up to $350), energy-efficient windows, window screens and window film (up to $250) wall insulation upgrade (up to $300) and reflective roofing (up to $150). 

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